Your clients will promote your hotel for you!

Our luggage wrapping system ControlWRAP will protect your clients possessions while showcasing your logo. ControlWRAP is member of CEHAT.

ControlWRAP ensures your clients’ suitcases, boxes, back packs, baby buggies, car seats, and any other souvenir, which will be safely wrapped before, during and after their flight. Our service applies a strong, stretch film printed with your hotel´s logo, securing your clients’ luggage from any danger while traveling.

ControlWRAP also provides waterproofing, protection against rough handing, provides a layer of privacy, and ties-up any loose straps, minimizing the risk of damaging luggage during transportation and in conveyor belt rollers.

Help lessen travel stress, by providing leading materials and inexpensive wrapping for your clients. They can save time by wrapping at the hotel instead of waiting in line at the airport. And your non-distorted logo and this distinctive wrapping will greet them at their destination.

ControlWRAP Basic



  • Controlwrap Basic machine
  • Electric Hand Sales
  • Manual Stretch Film Dispenser for Coreless 50mm
  • 198 rolls printed stretch film Coreless 2,7kg
  • Safety labels
  • Cutter

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Possibility of customizing your machine

Prices per bag in various airports worldwide.
United Kingdom9,5 €
France10 €
Germany10 €
Barcelona7 €
Dakar3 €
Miami9 €
El Salvador12 €
Cuba6,5 €
Rwanda6 €

ControlWRAP Advanced

Technical Specifications


Wrapping size
Turntable speed 0-36RPM
Power/voltage AC 220v
Turntable weight capacity 100kg
Packing efficency 30-60loads/hour
Machine dimension 600mmW x 1650mm L x 1700mm H

2. ATTN: Configuration changes can be requested.

3. 1.Capability to wrap almost any size of luggage in just one step by adjustable metal.

2.Powered pre-stretch mechanism inside (up to250 %), meaning material savings;

4. 3.Usage of standard (normal) size of stretch-folio material (50 sm. in width, 23 microns in thickness, 1500 meters long. hard core inside 76 mm)

5. 4. Max baggage weight 100 kg, max dimensions of the luggage – 500mm to 1000 mm (W/H)

6. 5.Entirely automatic functions (auto mode). Also manual mode is available from the control panel for easy and comprehensive wrapping of non-stan dard (fragile) item

7. 6.Fast wrapping speed, rotary speed adjustments (0-36 rpm), vertical film carrage movement speed adjustment, smooth start and soft stop functions

8. 7.Up/Down movement of the film carrage in auto mode, helping for the smooth wrapping of big suitcases.

9. 8.Number of the rotation adjustment, film tension adjustment

10. 9 Many color can be select

11. 10 Picture of the machine

12. 11.Control panel

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